Who we are

Tecnomatrix accounts for 27 people divided between the Engineering Department, the Business and Administration Department, the Workshop and the Metrology Department. Here are your key contacts in the company:

Xavier Conesa: General Manager

Xavier Conesa, Tecnomatrix general managerxavier.conesa@tecnomatrix.net

Xavier holds the position of General Manager. Thanks to his Industrial Engineer background – speciality mechanics – combined with an MBA at the Esade business school and a huge experience in the industry, he has managed to position Tecnomatrix as one of the top companies of its sector.

Ignasi Conesa: Engineering Department Manager

Ignasi Conesa, Tecnomatrix engineering department manager


Ignasi is the Engineering Department Manager. By holding positions in Departments of Metrology and Design of Advanced Surfaces for companies in the automotive and aeronautics sectors, he accumulated an experience and a know-how that make him more than capable of finding the ideal design solution for all types of checking fixtures.

Juan Carlos Hebrard: Engineering Department

Juan Carlos Hebrard, Tecnomatrix engineering department


Juan Carlos is responsible for the project planning and is the contact between the sales and technical department. He has over 30 years of experience in the development and design of automatic machines and gauges. He has worked in several large companies of the industry.

Xavier Sallés: Commercial Director

Xavier Sallés, Tecnomatrix sales manager


Cesar Weigmann: Key Account Manager

Cesar Weigmann, Tecnomatrix Key Account for Germany


Cesar is our contact for the German, Spanish and english speaking countries. Thanks to his professional experience in Germany and Spain, he is in charge of the relationships with the company new customers and participates in the management of the projects.

Indira García: Administration & Purchasing

Indira Garcia, Tecnomatrix administrator and purchaser


Indira is in charge of purchasing and deals with reception and delivery of products, as well as with the different administration aspects of Tecnomatrix.

Jordi Blanco: Kapture Product Manager

Jordi Blanco, KAPTURE Product Manager


Jordi manages Kapture By Tecnomatrix product line. Besides participating to Kapture-S and Kapture-C softwares development, he takes care of the management of the technical support, the identification and analysis of the next improvements to be implemented on these products, and of their corresponding aftersales service.

Ferran Barba: Web Application Developer and Kapture Developer

Ferran Barba, web development


Ferran implements Tecnomatrix Internet strategy and is also the designer of TecnoNet. He develops web applications and is also the developer for Kapture-S, KAPTURE-C and Kapture-R.

Mercè Bruned: Machine Vision Specialist and Kapture Developer

Merce Bruned, Machine Vision Specialist and Kapture Developer


Mercè designs and develops complete machine vision solutions for the industrial market from her own company, Baixcat Visión. Her expertise in 3D machine vision solutions represents a significant contribution to the development of Kapture-R. She has also participated in the development of Kapture-S, Kapture-C and Kapture-R softwares.