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You use checking fixtures with dial indicators, and you would like to be able to collect more quickly the data measured on each point? Writing down the values on a sheet of paper before entering them on an Excel sheet is long and has a risk of errors?

We are proud to present you our new product, CAPTOR-S, a wireless unit to collect data measured by dial indicator that can be used as much on your new checking fixtures as on your existing ones equipped with dial indicator bushings. The data are sent to a PDA that saves the data before transferring them to a CSV (Excel) file or to the Qs-Stat format.

The main advantages of this system are its fastness for data collection, its reliability as it prevents writing errors, and the obtaining of real time information about the measurements you are taking: tolerances, previous measurements, Cpk, etc. You will find more information about this system on www.captorsystem.com.

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