checking fixtures

We can produce the different types of checking fixtures:
utiles de control

Our checking fixtures are always delivered with a dimensional report. As an option, we can also deliver you the following items:

  • R&R study: used to analyse if your measurement system is reliable to accept or refuse parts. From this study, you will be able to make decisions and actions to improve your processes and/or your products.
  • Trolley: special systems suitable for our customers’ logistics needs, to prevent risks or to make the handling of checking fixtures easier.
  • User manual: documentation explaining how to use and handle correctly your checking fixtures in order to make it meet its function in a repeatable way.
  • Special packing and cover: wooden boxes for long-distance transportations, special boxes suitable for customs requirements, labelled storage covers, etc.
  • Parts dimensional reports: complete dimensional reports for parts samples for the validation of their dimensions.
  • Capacity studies: to determine whether your process meets the tolerances requirements (Cpk, Cpm, Ppk o Ppm)
  • Specific customs documentation: we provide you with all the documentation necessary to make sure that your products will not be blocked by customs.