Frontpanel, wheels and underhood checking fixtures

Front bumper assembly

Bumper checking fixtures requirements can be very variable:  from CMM fixtures fastening the part only by its RPS (fixation points), to cubing checking fixtures, simulating the part vehicle environment and controlling its deformation by Go/No Go gauges and dial indicator.

Central grille

Depending on the design of the bumper assembly, the bumper central grille may be trapezium or rectangle-shaped. In both cases, a proper central grille checking fixture must reproduce its clipping system and vehicle environment.

Scuttle grille

Scuttle grilles may consist of a single part assembly, or of two non-symetrical parts. Checking fixtures for scuttle grilles may control the fixations of the part, their fitting in the car environment and their fitting against the windshield.

Lateral bracket

Lateral brackets define the positionning of the bumper on the vehicle. Consequently, controlling the areas fitting with the bumper and the position of its fixation holes is basic to ensure a proper assembly on the bumper.

Front bumper trims

Checking fixtures for bumper trims composed of a single injected part - with or without emblem - or of several injected parts.

Headlamp washer

Control of the headlamp washer functionality and main components: fixation points, water inlet and outlet systems.

Wheel arch

Most of the car parts are controlled in their  vehicle position, in order to ensure a fitting and conforming in conditions as close as possible to their real mounting conditions. Yet, we usually recommend to control wheel arches upside down; indeed, the wheel arches fixations do not enable to fasten and control them in vehicle position in a repeatable way. By putting them upside down, the fixture can copy the surface of the part, thus making sure that they will not be deformed during their control.


Checking fixtures for emblems, either as single parts, or as components of a front bumper trim.

Number plate

The number plate is one of the most visible parts of the car. Though quite simple, it is important to make sure that its fixations and shape are correct, to make sure that its fitting on the car will be perfect.


Checking spoilers is very complex: these parts are highly deformable and composed of a huge number of clips, cross-shaped pins and fixation holes. Consequently, to produce a spoiler checking fixture that will be able to control properly this part, we must take into account all its specificities when designing, manufacturing and adjusting it.

Lateral grille

As lateral grilles only have an ornamental function on the front panel, their shape can vary strongly from one version of car to the other. This also means that their specificities and fixations will also be affected by their aesthetic design. All these considerations must be taken into account when producing checking fixtures for lateral grilles.

Plastic tank

For this type of parts, you must check that all the holes positions are OK for a proper fitting of the part on the car. In order to prevent collisions during the mounting process, you will also need to check the part outline to make sure that it is within tolerances.

Engine bracket mount

This type of checking fixture usually enables to make a full check of the part. In order to be able to control all the necessary part features, more than one control station will be necessary in order to align the part by using different datums.

Exhaust line

As any part made of welded and bent components, it is essential to control the following features on exhaust line assemblies: position of the components welded to the main structure, location of holes, deformation of critical areas and position of bent sections. All these controls can be done either by Go/No Go or by dial indicator.

Catalytic converter

As for any part composed of welded components, it is important to control the position of all the holes and components forming the catalytic converter. We can propose you a wide range of solutions, from checking fixtures with simple Go/No Go controls, to automated checking fixtures connected to a data acquisition system and enabling to measure 100% of the production.

Foglamp trim

As foglamp trims are part of the visible components of the car, its aspect and shape are of paramount importance. Consequently, the fixture controlling this type of part must be able to guarantee its dimensional conformity without damaging scraping it or tearing it, thus protecting its finishing.

Front bumper cover

Checking fixture enabling to mount the bumper visible cover. This cover may be controlled in its assembled form, or into two separate left and right parts.