Checking fixture for engine bracket mount

Full check fixture

  • Fastening of the part by rectractable cone-shaped centring pins and support points on the part datums.
  • Check of the holes deformation and position by Go/No Go pins and by DTI control points.
  • Check of the surfaces parallelism by sliding aluminium blocks.
  • Several control stations were designed in order to be able to fasten the part in two different ways, following two different datums systems.


This checking fixture provides a full check of the part. It has two different control stations, in order to align the part by two different datums systems.

Materials and tolerances

Our checking fixtures are produced in aluminium, the components submitted to wear-and-tear are produced in steel. Tolerances for RPS (fixation points) and dial indicator points: ±0.05mm. Tolerances for simulation blocks: ±0.1mm.

Documentation delivered

Minimum documentation: dimensional report of your checking fixture, 2D assembly drawing, assembly CAD.  Optional documentation: R&R report, user manual, stabilization certificate.

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