Interior parts and seats checking fixtures


Armrests are formed as much by their fixation points as by the door environment: consequently, a complete armrest checking fixture must simulate both characteristics to check the part in conditions as close as possible to the part fitting in the car.

Door pocket

A series of characteristics that can  be controlled as much by Go/No Go controls as by dial indicators have to be checked on door pockets in order to ensure their proper fitting on the car doors.


Several options of control - varying in terms of complexity, control method and budget - are available to control the largest parts of the car: as much checking fixtures with Go/No Go controls and/or dial indicator control points as solutions of control by artificial vision, like CAPTOR-R.

Air Duct

Check of the part mountability by simulating the car environment fitting of the part. Check of the outer edge of the air inlet and outlet holes.

Dashboard assembly

Dashboards can be checked by two control processes: 1. by CMM machine during the prototyping steps. The part is fixed on a CMM fixture that simulates the part datums for its fastening during the measurement process. 2. By a cubing-type checking fixture, for the mass-production steps. This checking fixture simulates the fitting conditions of the part on the car.

Upper pillar trim

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Dashboard console frame

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Ventilation grille

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Glove box

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Seat sliding rail

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Seat plastic rear cover

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