Rear panel and trunk checking fixtures

Rear bumper assembly

Bumper checking fixtures requirements can be very variable:  from CMM fixtures fastening the part only by its RPS (fixation points), to cubing checking fixtures, simulating the part vehicle environment and controlling its deformation by Go/No Go gauges and dial indicator.


Healamps and rearlamps are components particularly difficult to check: apart from their dimensional conformity, they must be able to stand the climate and vibration conditions they will exposed to during the car useful life. Consequently, we propose to our customers three types of fixtures for these parts: complete checking fixtures - for lamps assemblies -, test fixtures - to be used on test laboratories -, and sub-assemblies checking fixtures - for the lamps components.

Trunk trim

As part of the visible components of the car, the trunk lid must be as much dimensionally as visually conform. Consequently, trunk lids checking fixtures must not only reproduce the car environment of the parts, but also be designed in a way enabling to mount, dismount and control the part without damaging it.

Trunk Inner Lining

There are many control options available to check the car larger parts, with varying complexities, control methods and budgets: from Go/No Go controls and DTI control points, or a mix of both solutions, to artificial vision solutions such as CAPTOR-R.  The fixture presented as an example in this product sheet enables to mount two versions of parts, and can check either the complete part, with all its assembled components, or each individual component. The fixture simulates the part clipping system fitting with openable clipping elements connected to a centralized open/close system by cables. The part is checked by DTI control points in order to have the part fully checked and get measurement values for SPC studies, as well as by gap and flush aluminium blocks.