Reinforcements and brackets, pedals and levers checking fixtures

Gear Lever

Several features can be checked on gear levers: either the dimensional conformity of their components - housings levers, etc., or their functionality - i.e positions of the gears, fixations, etc. Defining well these features from the beginning can enable us to propose you a wide range of solutions, from basic production fixtures to automated fixtures.

Handbrake Reinforcement

Control of the deformation and of the punched holes of the part by Go/No Go pins or dial indicators. This control is essential to make sure that all the elements of the reinforcement assembly are correctly positioned after the welding process.

Gear lever housing trim

Although a relatively simple part, the outline of gear lever housing trims is crucial as part of the visible parts of the gear lever assembly.

Clutch pedal

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Brake pedal

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Pedal reinforcement

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Gear lever knob

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