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For this first Newsletter of year 2010, we have decided to prepare you useful information.

We have chosen to write a Newsletter about technical specifications, a document you can see in all the steps of the automotive supply chain. All the technical specifications of the supply chain are equally important; yet, most of the time we, the checking fixtures manufacturer, receive only a few pieces of information, or no information at all about the characteristics of the checking fixtures you ask us to produce.

To solve this problem, we have decided to write and put at your

disposal a handbook for the preparation of technical specifications.

This handbook sums up all the key points comprehensive technical specifications should include with pictures, as well as examples of the type of documentation you should receive from a good checking fixture manufacturer.

NOTE: If you cannot download the documentation available in the handbook, please use the following links:

Please forward this handbook to everyone who may be interested in it. Feel free to send us your comments or improvement ideas by email.


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