Kapture Data Manager also known as KDM is a complementary Kapture-S software application that receives and analyzes real-time measurements.
KDM was made for a quick decision-making: thanks to its color-coded data, checking the production process state is easy and quick.

The Kapture Data Management application integrates the following functions:

Analysis of the data measured: colour code for OK/NOK, or limit of tolerance
See a graph for each measured point showing you the evolution of your part: graph + Gauss bell
Check from a remote PC (quality management, etc.) of all the values measured in real time, with date and time of the measurement
FUNKTION MASSE: graphical analysis of your batch, point to point.

KDM allows:
• Analyze the data directly at the production line or in the metrology laboratory, installing the application on the same terminal (PC or tablet) as the kapture-S software is installed.
• See in real time the results of the measurements of your batch and export them in your R&R, Capability and First-Off sheet.


KDM is a unique system on the market, allowing major applications:
Obtain a Data analysis of measurements from the production line, from a kapture DTI or a CMM machine, from a PLC or by importing data from photogrammetry systems;
KDM provides the ability to build a personal database of measurements from all sources

Easy to use. By a simple click on the icons, KDM provides access to a data export directly.

Importing data from CMM machines in DMO or TXT format.
Data display of the checking fixtures.
Fetching data from automated systems.

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo o Quad / Intel Core i3 o i5.
Screen Resolution: minumun 1280×1024.
HDD: 1GB minimun.
Dedicated graphic card no required.
Internet acces only cloud option.
SO: Windows 7/8/8.1
Windows 10 not supported