TecnoNet, Tecnomatrix Customer Portal

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Since June 2008, Tecnomatrix staff has been using a web application enabling us to share with our customers project-related information.

We have integrated this tool to our working method since it enables to save a lot of time and avoid many mistakes, particularly communication ones.

TecnoNet unifies all the information related to a project, enabling Tecnomatrix and its customers to:

  • Know the state of a particular project and its latest most important modifications
  • Know which people are working on the project (among Tecnomatrix and the customer’s staffs)
  • Send messages (and comments) related to the project
  • Send files (and comments) related to the project
  • Validate designs made by Tecnomatrix and validate the project
  • See related projects

The following picture displays one of TecnoNet main pages, the files of a project:

files of a project in TecnoNet

TecnoNet is an exclusive service for Tecnomatrix customers. Ask for your login and password if you are one of Tecnomatrix customers and do not have access keys yet.

TecnoNet Login